We see a variety of general ENT issues for consultation and possible medical or surgical management.

Nose and Sinus

Nasal allergies

Nasal obstruction



Broken nose/nasal trauma

Postnasal drip

In-office turbinate reduction/turbinoplasty

Cosmetic rhinoplasty

Skin Cancer and Other Facial/Scalp Lesions

Skin cancer removal and reconstruction

Skin tags

Facial or scalp cysts

Mole removal (private pay $200/lesion)

Pediatric ENT

Snoring or sleep disordered breathing


Ankyloglossia (Tongue-Tie)

Ear infections

Hearing loss

Nasal congestion/allergies


Oculoplastic / Eye Surgery

As we grow older the skin on our upper eyelids begin to sag. Sometimes this can obstruct your peripheral vision. If this is significant enough and documented by a peripheral vision test, Manitoba Health will often cover all or a portion of an upper blepharoplasty (eye-lift) procedure. We have partnered with prairie eye care across the hall to perform these assessments the same day as your appointment with Dr. Esmail.

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Date of Birth

Voice and Swallowing

Chronic hoarseness/voice change

Difficulty swallowing

Reflux (laryngopharyngeal and gastroesophageal)

Sore throat

Vocal cord dysfunction

Globus sensation

Chronic cough

Throat and Neck

Facial and neck masses and tumors

Salivary gland infections and tumors

Thyroid nodules and masses

Tonsillitis/tonsil stones

Lesions in the mouth/oral area

Ears and Hearing

Bell’s palsy

Blocked ears


Ear drainage

Ear infections

Ear wax

Eardrum perforation

Eustachian tube dysfunction

Facial nerve paralysis

Hearing loss

Itchy ears

Meniere’s disease

Otitis externa

Sudden sensorineural hearing loss

Surfer’s ear



Otoplasty (for protruding ears, covered by MB provincial insurance if under the age of 16)

For an in-person assessment we require a referral from your family physician for assessment of these issues. Due to Covid-19 restrictions we are currently accepting telehealth appointments without referral.

Other services provided in office without referral.

Ear Wax Cleaning

Allergy Testing

Facial Cosmetics