Allergy Testing in Winnipeg


We perform allergy testing on adult and pediatric patients above the age of 5. We only perform environmental allergy testing. We will test for common allergens found in Manitoba including multiple grasses, trees, weeds, dust mites, mold, feathers, animal dander including dogs and cats. We do not perform food allergy testing or drug allergy testing.

Our Allergy clinic uses Multitestâ„¢ PC (Pain Control), an innovative tool for allergy skin tests based on the neurological gate-control theory. Less pain (virtually none) and clearer results: great for children and their parents.

Allergy testing includes a complete assessment by Dr. Esmail. On like many other allergy clinics we can often book year test within a four-week period.

No referral required this is a service covered by Manitoba Health. Please read instructions below.

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Allergy Testing

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